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Due to the geographical characteristics of the island, it is a little bit inaccurate to talk about towns in Formentera, since the islanders are scattered all over the island. We have to bear in mind that distances in Formentera are everything but significant.
Nevertheless, we would like to place on record the most important urban centers:

La Savina: the Harbour of La Savina is the first urban center we have to consider, since it is the only access that the tourists have to reach the island and, therefore, an extremely important place. If there is something characteristic of La Savina, it is the continuous craft traffic: boats that bring here or take back to somewhere else tourists and islanders, small and big fishing boats and, in summer, an incredible number of pleasure boats with captains on board that have decided to spend their summer holidays at the sea, travelling Mediterranean coasts. The evolution of tourism has brought a similar evolution at the harbour. The place that once was a mooring for some fishing boats is currently a harbour that provides space for a great number of boats, mainly in summer season. That is also the reason why the urban center of La Savina has grown. Nowadays, there is a great variety of bars, restaurants and small shops that surround the seafront, which gives colourful movement to the small harbour of Formentera.

Imagen nocturna del puerto de La Savina

Sant Francesc: Three kilometers far from the harbour we can find Sant Francesc Xavier, which could be considered as the most important urban center, the capital of the island indeed, due to the fact that the Town Hall is located in its square. Just in front of the Town Hall, you can find the church of the town, which in the 18th century was used as a fortress against the Barbarians and afterwards has become a shelter for the town's parishioners. At the Town Hall square the fiestas and most important events of the town are celebrated. These events usually bring residents and tourists together in a festive, quiet and, above all, friendly atmosphere. San Francisco is the most visited town during the day due to its great quantity of shops and bars, and, above all, due to its seafront, meeting point for numerous hippy stalls, which attract tourists because of the great quantity of objects related to the island they offer. All these things make of this town the capital of the island and an obligatory place to visit during the day.

Imagen de Sant Francesc

Sant Ferran: Going ahead following the same road that begins in the harbour and passes through Sant Francesc, the following town you will find is Sant Ferran. You will be obliged to pass through Sant Ferran if you want to reach La Mola or Es Pujols. Sant Ferran offers a great variety of bars and restaurants where you can stop and have something to eat or just take something to drink while watching the people passing by, or the tourists visiting the town. One of the most mythical and famous local of Formentera is located in Sant Ferran: La Fonda Pepe, which in the sixties had already opened its doors and has been being visited since then by everyone who wants to enjoy the calm and authentically hippy atmosphere of the island, beacuse, although many years has gone by, this is one of the few places that have hardly changed.

Paseo peatonal en Sant Ferran

La Mola: Always straight away at the main road, the next stop after Sant Ferran is La Mola. La Mola is located at the highest point of the island, about 15 kilometers far of Sant Ferran. We could state that this town is one of the calmest ones because, due to its far-off position in the map, it is not very frequented by tourists and there are just a few shops and restaurants. The town's main appeal is the hippy market that opens twice a week and attracts lots of people. Another appeal of this small town is its lighthouse, located over the cliffs, from which you will be able to watch wonderful sunsets and enjoy the marvellous solitude of this place.

Es Pujols: The last urban center and probably the most aimed at tourists is Es Pujols. You can reach this point either taking the road that begins at the harbour or going through Sant Ferran. As soon as you have gone into this town, you will notice that the atmosphere here is completely different from everywhere else, especially at night. The great variety of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and discos turns this place into the tourist's paradise. At every hour, day or night, there are constantly people passing by. During the day, you can enjoy its beaches and go shopping. At night you will discover that there is a festive atmosphere everywhere, especially at the various pubs and at the seafront, where the hippy market attracts lots of people. Here the festive atmosphere get mixed with the sea scent.


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